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The Coming Of Flint
Long, long ago, in the Land of Nanih Waiya, the Land of the Chahta People, we had very crude weapons. At first, we only had sticks, which we used as clubs. Soon, we noticed that sharp sticks caused more damage than dull ones did, and we began to use sharp sticks. We were blessed with many wild canes, which always grow around water. We saw that they grew very straight and long, and were strong. We could use these as spears, but we still had poor weapons. Creator looked down upon us and He was happy that we were trying to learn, but He was touched by our lack of knowledge. Creator felt sorry for us about that time, and He showed us the stones that He had placed upon Earth for our use. He showed us how to chip these stones, and how to make them into sharp weapons. The very best of these stones, He called Flint. It was easy to chip and it could be made to be very sharp. These sharp pieces of Flint could be used on our cane spears, and they were good weapons. Then, Creator taught us how to make a bow from a very strong Tree which was called Black Locust. With these bows, we could shoot an arrow a long ways, and it was very accurate, too. With these weapons, our Ancestors provided our lodges with food and defended them from other Peoples for many thousands of years. We had no need for anything else, because game was plentiful and our Ancestors were great hunters. Today, our Flint arrowheads are still upon our Lands. They tell of the lesson which our Creator taught us so long ago.
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